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Colombia’s National Soccer Team Reveals New Uniforms via Social Media

By Adriana Correa

In a somewhat clever marketing strategy, Adidas Colombia revealed Team Colombia’s brand new home uniforms via some of the player’s social media accounts.

Players like James Rodriguez who plays for Spain’s top team Real Madrid, and Pablo Armero who plays for Italian league A.C Milan, took to their social media accounts to express their home pride in wearing the brand new team jersey.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 11.56.54 AM

“I’m very proud and it’s an honor to wear it,” said James Rodriguez.

Rodriguez also urged all Colombian’s to stand together in pride with the new official Team Colombia jersey for 2015.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 11.58.49 AM

 Defender Pablo Armero wrote,   ” You and I are Colombia. Together with Glee! “

The new designs come just in time for the Copa America 2015  tournament in Chile which starts next June as well as all the qualifying tournaments leading up to the Russia 2018 World Cup.

The new shirts feature the classic bright yellow background similar to the uniforms used in the 2014 Brazil World Cup but with a rounder navy blue collar and two buttons.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 11.26.21 AM

The Adidas standard stripes also in navy outline the shoulder portion of the jersey with it’s traditional logo on the left side.

The front of the jersey has a subtle faded imprint of the Colombian flag while the sleeves are cuffed with three stripes in yellow, navy and red which creates the Colombian flag.

Colombia’s Futbol Federation logo adorns the left top portion of the jersey and embellishing the bottom of the shirt is a contrasting thicker navy blue stripe.

Unchanged is the back of the collar with Team Colombia’s motto “Unidos Por Un Pais” or “United for one country” poetically meaning they play and stand united as one for their country of Colombia.

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James Rodriguez Releases New Designs for His J10 Collection (Photos)

By Adriana Correa

Just in time for the Holidays!

Real Madrid’s midfielder and star of the Colombian National team James Rodriguez has released a new collection for his popular and stylish underwear line.

Today, the Bronzini brand announced the release of the new J10 James collection for Bronzini Black. The Colombian brand released a series of photos featuring the international soccer star modeling a bolder and sexier looking collection.

In the new collection Rodriguez shows off his playful side and reveals a slightly more muscular and toned physique proof of his hard training schedule with the Real Madrid.

The J10 collection hit the market last August with a full underwear and sleepwear collection for men.

Check out the steamy pictures and behind the scenes video:

Behind the scenes video of the photo shoot

Coach Pekerman Announces Colombia’s Roster For New Jersey Friendlies

Colombia’s national team coach, Jose Pekerman,  has announced the names of the 25 players who will travel to New Jersey for the series of FIFA’s friendly games next October 10th thru the 14th at the Red Bull Arena.

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 9.09.35 AM

The 25 players called up are:

Colombia Headlines Friendlies in New Jersey

By Adriana Correa

Following an exciting and eventful World Cup appearance in Brazil this summer, Colombian Men’s National Team returns to U.S soil to headline in two international exhibition games this month in New Jersey.

FIFA’s third-ranked team will face both El Salvador and Canada on October 10th, and October 14 at New Jersey’s Red Bull Arena.

The team, coached by Argentine Jose Pekerman who’s been at the helm since 2012 will feature some of the brightest stars in the world including Radamel Falcao Garcia (Manchester United), James Rodriguez (Real Madrid) and Juan Guillmero Cuadrado (Fiorentina).

The Cafeteros have disputed a total of 11 friendly games with 6 loses, 4 draws and only one defeat against Brazil (1-0) last September 5 at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida.

Tickets for the games at Red Bull Arena are on sale now.

Colombia vs Brazil Match Draws Record Attendance at Sun Life Stadium

By Adriana Correa

The World Cup 2014 quarterfinal re-match between Colombia and Brazil scored record attendance numbers at Friday’s friendly game at Sun Life Stadium in Miami.

Sun Life Stadium
Photo by: Adriana Correa

According to stadium officials the sold out game between the two rival countries drew a record 73,429 fans who came to witness the most anticipated re-match of the World Cup.

This new record beats the previous record set by the stadium on November 16, 2013 when Sun Life Stadium hosted the Brazil vs Honduras’ friendly re-match in front of a crowd of 71,124 fans.

The new attendance set on Friday ranks as the fourth in the United States for the largest crowd during the 2014 soccer season.


Colombia vs Brazil: World Cup Re-Match Comes to Sun-Life Stadium

By: Adriana Correa
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South Florida soccer fans are getting a chance to relive the excitement of the 2014 World Cup quarterfinals between rivals Brazil and Colombia right here at home.

The two South American powerhouses are coming together this Friday at Sun Life Stadium for the much-anticipated rematch of the World Cup, where Brazil ended Colombia’s historic quarterfinal appearance by beating them 2-1.

Brazil’s return to the pitch since their humiliating 7-1 loss in the semi-finals against Germany will give them a chance to defend their win against the Cafeteros.

Colombia’s squad lead by coach Jose Pekerman, includes some of its biggest international soccer starts like striker Radamel Falcao Garcia (Manchester United) who missed the World Cup due to a knee injury, Golden Boot winner James Rodriguez (Real Madrid), defender Pablo Armero (AC Milan), Teofilio Gutierrez (River Plate), Juan Caudrado (Florentina), and goalie David Ospina (Arsenal).

While many fans feel the re-match here in Miami is a chance for Colombia to seek revenge against Brazil, World Cup top scorer James Rodriguez said he feels different.

“This is just another game, I think we shouldn’t take this as a revenge game,” Rodriguez said. “Our job is to go out and play, and win that’s all.”

Leading the Brazil side will be team manager Carlos Verri better known as “Dunga” who brings back only 10 of the 23 players who made up the World Cup squad.

Among them is star striker Neymar (Barcelona) who left the World Cup early with a back injury, defender David Luiz (Paris Saint Germain) Oscar (Chelsea) and last minute additions are Fernandinho (Manchester City) and Marcelo (Real Madrid). Hulk and Thiago are injured. Dani Alves and Fred are off the team.

This is Brazil’s first of two friendly games that will be played in the U.S the second will be played against Ecuador on September 9th in New Jersey.

The game is set today September 5th at 8:30pm at Sun Life Stadium and NBC6 will be there to bring you all the latest on this exciting FIFA re-match playing out right her at home.

Falcao Garcia’s Transfer Soap Opera

With the close of the soccer transfer season upon us, the final episode of the soap opera surrounding Monaco’s striker Radamel Falcao Garcia reached a strange and interesting twist on the ‘Twittersphere’ leaving many fans scratching their heads in confusion.

The play-by-play:

It was “the” moment Falcao fans had been waiting for since the striker returned to the pitch following a knee injury earlier this year.

Shortly after 7pm on Saturday people closely following @Falcao on Twitter swore they saw a Tweet on their feed from the soccer star where it put to rest all speculation in regards to his transfer out Monaco.

The tweet read “Dream come true” both in Spanish and English with the hashtag #HalaMadrid, a chant associated with Real Madrid fans meaning “Go Madrid.”

falcao tweet framed

The unofficial news spread like wildfire among Real Madrid fans boasting with glee to their rival counterparts from teams like Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal, who were also eagerly awaiting news of a Falcao transfer to their respective teams.

However in a strange turn of events, the message that supposedly Falcao posted on his timeline disappeared from view within minutes.

Jubilant re-tweets and messages from fans quickly turned into angry rants leaving @Falcao followers in a state of shock and disbelief.

As twitter lit-up, television and print media quickly began reporting about the mysterious message. Was Falcao’s Twitter account hacked? or was he prematurely celebrating his long awaited transfer to Europe’s Champion team.

In an effort to put the rumor to rest Falcao took to his Twitter account several hours later to deny the message was his.  He wrote, “I have to refute the story about a tweet that I did not post and that it’s a photo montage.”

falcao tweet refutes

With fan emotions on high gear about his much awaited transfer, it’s easy to understand why fans would get worked up over a Twitter message.

On Friday a sports reporter from BeIN Sports reported that sources close to the player confirmed Falcao’s had agreed to join the Real Madrid on a loand deal, but details were still sketchy.

Then earlier on Saturday the player who was expected to start in a match against Lillie, was suddenly dropped from Monaco’s starting line-up. He Instead watched the game from the stands with his agent Jorge Mendes and sporting director Vadim Vasilyev to his side, feeding into the speculation that his transfer is imminent.

falcao agent

Emirates Cup: Falcao Marks Comeback with a Winning Goal

By: Adriana Correa

Soccer sensation Radamel Falcao returned to AS Monaco’s starting line-up on Sunday.

He marked his highly anticipated comeback from the injured list with a winning goal against London’s Arsenal at Emirates Stadium.


Falcao scored his last goal on January 22 during a French Cup match against Chasselay where he drastically injured his left knee. The injury kept him in rehab for the past six-months crashing his hopes to join his national team in the World Cup.

In the match against Valencia on Saturday, Falcao entered the game as a substitute in the second-half where he played close to 20 minutes. The game ended in a draw after teammate Lucas Ocampos scored a goal to even out the score.

Pleased with his performance on Saturday, Monaco coach Leonardo Jardim felt confident to return him to his usual post in the starting line-up in their final Emirates Cup match.

“I’m very happy with his return and very satisfied that he scored a goal that gave us the win,” said Jardim in a press conference.


Following his comeback goal fans and media outlets took to social media to express reaction and overall joy over Falcao’s memorable return to the game.

falcao trending

The Colombian striker played a total of 58 minutes and netted a powerful header to give Monaco a victory over favorite to win Arsenal in their final pre-season friendly before opening the French Ligue 1 campaign at home against Lorient next Sunday.

Falcao: The Return of El Tigre (The Tiger)

By Adriana Correa

Colombian international soccer star Radamel Falcao Garcia made his long awaited return to the pitch at the Emerites Cup in London Saturday.

The 28 year-old striker from soccer club AS Monaco made his first appearance in today’s friendly match against Valencia as a second-half substitue.

Falcao who has been out of the game for the past six-months ruptured his left-knee ligament earlier this year.  The injury kept him from taking part in his home country’s World Cup campaign where Colombia made history by reaching the quarter-finals.

Falcao 11

Greeted by a resounding cheer from the crowd el Tigre (The Tiger as he is known) entered the pitch during the last 18 minutes of the match when Monaco was trailing Valencia 2-1.

Falcao was sharp as always and played agressively but didn’t get a chance to score a goal. Instead his teammate, substitute, Lucas Ocampos evened out the score 10 minutes  before the end of the match.

Monaco coach Leonardo Jardim was pleased with Falcao’s performance and anticipates he will be part of the  starting line up in tomorrow’s match against Arsenal.

Shortly after the match Falcao took to Twitter to simply express his gratitude to his wife, daughter and fans and added a psalm entry to express his deep emotion. His message read:

Thanks to God for consoling me and giving me encouragement over the last six months.  (Psalm 86:11) Thank you Lore (his wife Lorelei) for putting up with me over these 193 days when I was unbearable to handle.   Thanks to my daughter, your smile makes me forget my sadness. Thank you everyone for your simple messages of encouragement.”

Falcao Tweet

Falcao also spoke exclusevly with AS MonacoTV and said following:

“Following a long absence from the game, and going through a very difficult situation it’s overwhelming to be able to return. Just before I entered the pitch lots of things went through my head, but I tried to enjoy every minute even though it was just a couple of minutes of play.  I thank everyone who came out, the Arsenal fans who were present at Emirates Stadium and cheered me on when I entered the pitch.  It brings me great joy to know people recognize the work I do and are happy with my return to soccer.”

James Rodriguez: The evolution of the perfect 10

By: Adriana Correa

If you haven’t yet heard the name James Rodriguez, chances are you’ve spent the entire World Cup, or should I say, “The World Cup of James Rodriguez” living under a rock!


The soccer player who simply goes by his first name ‘James’ pronounced HAAHM-ESS, and not JAY-MZ, played for Colombia’s national team and became THE breakout star of the World Cup in Brazil.

According to NBC Sports,  the 23 year-old forward penned a six year deal for an estimated $107-million with the Real Madrid soccer club, one of the biggest clubs in Europe,  making him one of the top fourth most expensive transfers of all time.

James, an already established soccer player in Colombia and Europe, catapulted to soccer super stardom in Brazil after scoring a goal in every game, leading  the team into the round of 16.  He then made history in the process, by helping his team advance-for the first time ever-into the quarter-finals match with two of his  goals against Uruguay.

Although Colombia’s magic ended  in a 2-1 loss against host Brazil, James went on to be awarded the Adidas Golden Boot for being the top scorer of the World Cup with a total of six goals. He was also awarded FIFA’s Best Goal of the Tournament for the goal against Uruguay in the round of 16 match-when he chested the ball down and then kicked it into the goalie with cannonball-like force. (see below)

There’s no doubt that soccer runs in James Rodriguez’s DNA, both his father and his uncle played professionally in Colombia in the 80s.  Though his father did not play a role in his life, James’ mother Pilar Rubio and his step-father Juan Carlos Restrepo helped nourish his talent by enlisting James in a soccer academy when he was 5 years-old in the city of Ibague.

james pony futbol

Destined for greatness, James moved to Medellin after he was signed to Antioquia’s Envigado soccer club, and made his professional debut at the age of 14. Two years later, his sharp skills earned him a spot on Colombia’s national Sub-17 team where he represented the South American country in FIFA’s 2007 World Cup U-17 tournament  in South Korea.

It wasn’t long until recruiters from Argentina’s Banfield soccer club took notice of his talent and offered him a four-year contract at 17. James didn’t blink twice and with his mom’s blessings he moved to Argentina leaving his family and friends behind, all for the dream to play internationally.

In Banfield James quickly became the object of attention when he ended his first year as a title winner in the Apertura championship where he made history for being the youngest international player to score a goal in Argentina’s First Division.

Hard work and determination paid off for James after just two seasons in Banfield, Portugal’s Porto soccer club offered to buy him at the bargain price of €8.75-million according to the Colombian publication, El Espectador. While playing in the Portuguese league, James helped the team win the Europa League and three Portuguese League titles, he scored a total of 25 goal in three seasons.

In 2013 and after much success in Porto, James and his agent made a strategic move and agreed to a 5 year-deal with one of the top teams in the French league. The AS Monaco paid Porto the sum of €45-million for the the 21 year-old.  During the 2013-2014 season he’s been recognized as one of the top players in the Ligue 1.

James has admitted to being extremely competitive and for that reason alone one of his biggest dreams has been to play for the Real Madrid soccer club,  winner of 10 consecutive EUEF  Champion League trophies.

Last Tuesday that dream became a reality when he was introduced to the world as a Madrista player wearing his signature No. 10 on his Real Madrid jersey.