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Colombia’s National Soccer Team Reveals New Uniforms via Social Media

By Adriana Correa

In a somewhat clever marketing strategy, Adidas Colombia revealed Team Colombia’s brand new home uniforms via some of the player’s social media accounts.

Players like James Rodriguez who plays for Spain’s top team Real Madrid, and Pablo Armero who plays for Italian league A.C Milan, took to their social media accounts to express their home pride in wearing the brand new team jersey.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 11.56.54 AM

“I’m very proud and it’s an honor to wear it,” said James Rodriguez.

Rodriguez also urged all Colombian’s to stand together in pride with the new official Team Colombia jersey for 2015.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 11.58.49 AM

 Defender Pablo Armero wrote,   ” You and I are Colombia. Together with Glee! “

The new designs come just in time for the Copa America 2015  tournament in Chile which starts next June as well as all the qualifying tournaments leading up to the Russia 2018 World Cup.

The new shirts feature the classic bright yellow background similar to the uniforms used in the 2014 Brazil World Cup but with a rounder navy blue collar and two buttons.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 11.26.21 AM

The Adidas standard stripes also in navy outline the shoulder portion of the jersey with it’s traditional logo on the left side.

The front of the jersey has a subtle faded imprint of the Colombian flag while the sleeves are cuffed with three stripes in yellow, navy and red which creates the Colombian flag.

Colombia’s Futbol Federation logo adorns the left top portion of the jersey and embellishing the bottom of the shirt is a contrasting thicker navy blue stripe.

Unchanged is the back of the collar with Team Colombia’s motto “Unidos Por Un Pais” or “United for one country” poetically meaning they play and stand united as one for their country of Colombia.

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James Rodriguez Releases New Designs for His J10 Collection (Photos)

By Adriana Correa

Just in time for the Holidays!

Real Madrid’s midfielder and star of the Colombian National team James Rodriguez has released a new collection for his popular and stylish underwear line.

Today, the Bronzini brand announced the release of the new J10 James collection for Bronzini Black. The Colombian brand released a series of photos featuring the international soccer star modeling a bolder and sexier looking collection.

In the new collection Rodriguez shows off his playful side and reveals a slightly more muscular and toned physique proof of his hard training schedule with the Real Madrid.

The J10 collection hit the market last August with a full underwear and sleepwear collection for men.

Check out the steamy pictures and behind the scenes video:

Behind the scenes video of the photo shoot

James Rodriguez Model Player

By Adriana Correa

Colombian Soccer star James Rodriguez is making headlines by stripping down to his very own line of designer underwear.

The Real Madrid striker who recently signed a 6-year contract worth $107 million, launched to super-soccer-stardom this summer during the World Cup where he was awarded the Adidas Golden Boot for being the top scorer of the tournament, outscoring stars like Messi and Neymar.

His enhanced international exposure has turned the James Rodriguez brand into a marketing goldmine in his home country. Rodriguez currently holds deals with top shampoo and deodorant brands, Nestle, Adidas and even has his own energy drink Gold 10.  

Much like his teammate Cristiano Ronaldo, the player is now venturing into the fashion world and lending his name to Colombian fashion brand Bronzini Black. His first line of men’s underwear appropriately labeled “J10 James”, stands for his initial and the number he wears on his Real Madrid jersey.

j10 black
J10/Bronzini Black

The J10 James collection includes briefs, boxer, pajamas, tank tops and T-shirts available for men and boys, and will be released in Colombia starting August 29th.

J10 James Photo Gallery:

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The brand also released this exclusive behind the scenes video that was taped during the 5-hour photo shoot where the soccer star is seen modeling and showing off his skills with the soccer ball…impressive!




James Rodriguez: The evolution of the perfect 10

By: Adriana Correa

If you haven’t yet heard the name James Rodriguez, chances are you’ve spent the entire World Cup, or should I say, “The World Cup of James Rodriguez” living under a rock!


The soccer player who simply goes by his first name ‘James’ pronounced HAAHM-ESS, and not JAY-MZ, played for Colombia’s national team and became THE breakout star of the World Cup in Brazil.

According to NBC Sports,  the 23 year-old forward penned a six year deal for an estimated $107-million with the Real Madrid soccer club, one of the biggest clubs in Europe,  making him one of the top fourth most expensive transfers of all time.

James, an already established soccer player in Colombia and Europe, catapulted to soccer super stardom in Brazil after scoring a goal in every game, leading  the team into the round of 16.  He then made history in the process, by helping his team advance-for the first time ever-into the quarter-finals match with two of his  goals against Uruguay.

Although Colombia’s magic ended  in a 2-1 loss against host Brazil, James went on to be awarded the Adidas Golden Boot for being the top scorer of the World Cup with a total of six goals. He was also awarded FIFA’s Best Goal of the Tournament for the goal against Uruguay in the round of 16 match-when he chested the ball down and then kicked it into the goalie with cannonball-like force. (see below)

There’s no doubt that soccer runs in James Rodriguez’s DNA, both his father and his uncle played professionally in Colombia in the 80s.  Though his father did not play a role in his life, James’ mother Pilar Rubio and his step-father Juan Carlos Restrepo helped nourish his talent by enlisting James in a soccer academy when he was 5 years-old in the city of Ibague.

james pony futbol

Destined for greatness, James moved to Medellin after he was signed to Antioquia’s Envigado soccer club, and made his professional debut at the age of 14. Two years later, his sharp skills earned him a spot on Colombia’s national Sub-17 team where he represented the South American country in FIFA’s 2007 World Cup U-17 tournament  in South Korea.

It wasn’t long until recruiters from Argentina’s Banfield soccer club took notice of his talent and offered him a four-year contract at 17. James didn’t blink twice and with his mom’s blessings he moved to Argentina leaving his family and friends behind, all for the dream to play internationally.

In Banfield James quickly became the object of attention when he ended his first year as a title winner in the Apertura championship where he made history for being the youngest international player to score a goal in Argentina’s First Division.

Hard work and determination paid off for James after just two seasons in Banfield, Portugal’s Porto soccer club offered to buy him at the bargain price of €8.75-million according to the Colombian publication, El Espectador. While playing in the Portuguese league, James helped the team win the Europa League and three Portuguese League titles, he scored a total of 25 goal in three seasons.

In 2013 and after much success in Porto, James and his agent made a strategic move and agreed to a 5 year-deal with one of the top teams in the French league. The AS Monaco paid Porto the sum of €45-million for the the 21 year-old.  During the 2013-2014 season he’s been recognized as one of the top players in the Ligue 1.

James has admitted to being extremely competitive and for that reason alone one of his biggest dreams has been to play for the Real Madrid soccer club,  winner of 10 consecutive EUEF  Champion League trophies.

Last Tuesday that dream became a reality when he was introduced to the world as a Madrista player wearing his signature No. 10 on his Real Madrid jersey.


Boy’s picture of James Rodriguez goes viral

By: Adriana Correa

With speculation in overdrive about the move of AS Monaco’s James Rodriguez to Spain’s Real Madrid soccer club. One sure sign that negotiations are moving forward is this picture taken by a young fan named Juan Manuel Gomez at the Barajas airport on Sunday.  james madrid 2Gomez captured the Colombian soccer player along with his wife Daniela Ospina moments after landing in Madrid-home of the Real Madrid-one of the soccer clubs that has shown heavy interest in purchasing the the soccer star from Monaco.

According to Spain’s AS.com, the couple arrived at the Barajas airport at 2:50pm  on board an Avianca airline flight out of Medellin, where Rodriguez has been vacationing following his stellar performance in the World Cup.

Juan Manuel and his younger sister boarded the flight in Medellin along with James. The boy told Cuatro Deportes, the flight crew tried to keep James from sight by hiding him in the cockpit.

Once all the passengers were seated, the soccer star came out and sat just a few feet away from the young fan. Gomez didn’t  waste a second before asking James to pose for pictures and autographs causing a stir in mid-air.  Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 2.17.36 AM

Gomez took to twitter to announce to the world he had spotted the soccer star on his flight, his picture has been re-tweeted close to 3,000 times.

Soon after landing in Barajas, James and his wife boarded a connecting flight en route to Nice, France where speculation suggests he will meet with his bosses and finalize his contract with his current club, AS Monaco before signing with Real Madrid.

AS reports The Real Madrid club is expected to make an announcement about their latest acquisition later this week.

@j_gato pic


FIFA’s 2014 World Cup Golden Boot and other awards

By Adriana Correa

In just a couple of hours Germany and Argentina will battle it out on the field at the final match of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil’s Maracanã stadium.

As speculation mounts about which team will take home the golden cup, the anticipation and excitement is also building as to which of the top scoring players in the tournament will be winning the Golden Boot Award.

golde boot adidasFirst introduced in the 1930 World Cup, the Golden Boot is the award given to the player who scores the most goals at the tournament.

Should there be a tie, the rules state the player with the most assists would win the tie-breaker. If there is still a tie, the player who has played the least amount of games wins the award.

This year the top contenders for the 2014 Golden Boot are: James Rodriguez from Colombia, Thomas Müller from Germany and Lionel Messi from Argentina.

james top scorer

With six goals in five matches, Colombia’s James  Rodriguez leads the way followed by  forward and 2010 Golden Boot recipient Thomas Müller with five, and Lionel Messi with four.

Previous winners of the coveted accolade have been Miroslav Klose, Brazilian Ronaldo, Gerhard Müller, Eusebio da Silva Ferreira, Just Fontaine, Sándor Kocsis.

The award is also called the Golden Shoe or the Adidas Golden Shoe.

golden boots 2

In the 1994 United States World Cup two other awards were introduced the Silver Boot and the Bronze Boot. The awards follow the same guidelines as the Golden Boot Award.

Other FIFA trophies awarded to players are; Man of the Match, Adidas Golden Ball, Adidas Golden Glove, Fair Play Award, Hyundai Young Player Award.

Courtesy: FIFA.com

Another exciting award is the the Most Entertaining Team award that can very well very well go to Colombia’s National team for providing its audience with a dance celebration after each goal they scored.